Want to remodel your fireplace? This is the tip you need!

Do you hate looking at old shabby fireplaces? Do you want a new fireplace? Since we spend a lot of time indoors, we all hope that the environment in the house can make you feel happy and comfortable, so you will renovate the things in the house, there must be a fireplace in it, and the fireplace can Complete or destroy a room, because they are often the focal point of a room, and our eyes can’t help but be attracted by it.

fireplace remodels1

fireplace remodels


In the process of renovation, all homeowners hope that the fireplace and surrounding elements can reflect the decoration and style of your house. In many older houses there are large brick fireplaces. This kind of fireplace covers the entire wall, and it seems to form a sharp contrast with your decoration. If you also own an older house, or are just looking for changes, you may want the updated fireplace and fence to better reflect your personal taste and style. As with most renovation projects, it is also important that you need to hire professionals to guide the process.

After the renovation team is in place, it’s time to explore different options for mantle and fireplace environments. A quick and easy way is to directly surround the wall with a brick wall to update the fireplace. The method is to simply wrap the brick wall in wood or ceramic tiles so that the stove faces the exposed bricks.

Another option is to make a blank canvas with gypsum board or plaster around the brick wall, so that you can create your ideal atmosphere. Installation of drywall and additional mantle and fence may take 2-3 days. There are also customized mantels, a large number of air duct work or electrical installations, etc., which need to increase the project calendar according to the specific conditions required.

Bricks can also be painted. This is a cheaper option and can be changed later. Our experienced professionals will help you determine the quality of the bricks in your house and ensure that the correct paint is used.

There are many options when updating the surroundings of the fireplace. Here are some of the latest trends in the renovation of fireplace walls and/or mantles in recent years:

1. Slab-a slab of marble, granite or other solid surfaces.
2. Stone-a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures.
3. Paint-save the budget, provide countless color options, and suitable for all styles.
4. River stone-a natural round stone with many sizes and color palettes, suitable for traditional and country styles.
5. Cast-in-place concrete-beautiful choice, modern style, requires professional installation.
6. Ledge stone-the choice of texture lovers, there are many colors, can be installed horizontally and vertically.
7. Prefabricated travertine or limestone-elegant traditional appearance, requires professional masons.
8. Ceramic and glass tiles-many colors, shapes and textures, endless design options.

fireplace remodels2

fireplace remodels


On a cold night, the traditional wood burning fireplace is warm, beautiful and inviting. The resulting work requires time, energy and wood. Planning the retrofit of a fireplace usually includes the possibility of converting wood burning into natural gas or electricity. This change can provide an equally enjoyable experience, but with a single tap of the switch. So, apart from the atmosphere… why switch?

I. The wooden fireplace can hardly heat the room. In fact, the fireplace draws warm air into the chimney, causing the house to become cold.
II. Fireplace irritants can cause respiratory problems, such as allergies or asthma.
III. Wood burning fireplaces cause air pollution, so they are regulated in some areas.
IV. Due to the accumulation of creosote in the chimney, wood fires cause house fires. It needs to be cleaned regularly by a professional chimney sweeper.

After reading the above questions, do you know the problems of traditional wood-burning fireplaces? Do you know why it switched?

There are many options when converting from wood to other energy sources. Please read the following to determine which might suit your needs:

1) Wood to gas-Provides more heat than wood, with adjustable flame to control the heat emitted, energy saving, and no health or environmental problems related to wood burning.
2) Wood to electricity-no need to ventilate outdoors, no actual fire, but can have a realistic LED flame to create an atmosphere, ideal for chimneys that don’t work, or if you want to install a TV on the mantle.
3) Wood to ventilated natural gas logs-if you are looking for atmosphere rather than heat, this is a good budget choice.
4) Wood-to-wood pellet fireplace inserts-cleaner than wood burning, provide a lot of heat, are cheaper to operate, energy-saving, provide a real flame atmosphere, and do not require gas pipes.

With the arrival of the cold winter, our thoughts began to float around the warm and comfortable campfire. If you are ready to renovate the existing fireplaces and walls, then the first step is to hire professionals to guide you through the process, or you can directly hire a professional team to renovate your fireplace. Then, once all the choices and decisions have been made, you can enjoy the happiness this winter fireplace brings to you!

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