Spring Fireplace Renovation Guide

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Restoration is an excellent way to increase the value of a house. In fact, fireplace restoration is the greatest return on all your investment in house renovation. Adding a second or third fireplace to your home can significantly increase its value.

If you are trying to find refurbished concepts, you need to focus on the right areas. The following is a list of one of the development trends of the most preferred fire place decoration that we have noticed / ideas for spring 2020

fireplace renovation1

fireplace renovation


For assistance in choosing the ideal fire place for you, see our introduction to fireplace trends for 2020

Uniform, clean lines flow straight through the roof, creating a magnificent aesthetic effect throughout the area. Try to use gorgeous tiles, wood or wallpaper to create a huge core in your area. Nowadays, many modern fireplaces can be made directly on the edge of the fireplace with almost any type of material. This allows you to use one product to develop floor-to-ceiling accents and ensure a good appearance. Take a look at your house. Do you have incredible high ceilings? If so, you may want to adapt to this design, because the higher the ceiling, the better the aesthetics and the more it transforms the room.

Keep pace with the times and develop with the new!
If you want to replace an old stone fireplace, and you can greatly change your room without major alterations, try using drywall! Drywall is a fair, fast and cost-effective way to renew areas. Combining it with new fireplace inserts or existing fireplace panels/surrounds can also dramatically change the room.

To the window, then to the wall!
Wall-mounted rack equipment is currently very popular. It is very stylish to integrate a fireplace in the center, and it also has features that were not available before. Without loss of wall surface space, additional space should be used to construct beautiful and practical products. Turn the entire wall into a decorative panel, and expand the visual effect of the fireplace between the walls.

Once and for all
The white color contrasts sharply with the dark appearance of the stovetop. The darkest function in the room naturally attracted our attention. When planning a restoration, please consider using white design, white paint or adding a white mantel/fireplace to actually help the fireplace pop up!

Becoming brighter and brighter!
Full natural light is better! The large windows keep your area bright. A huge modern fireplace looks great in a space with large home windows and plenty of natural light. Natural light helps to highlight the fireplace, even if it is not bright, it can show the beauty of the fireplace! If you are adding a new fireplace to the space (rather than refurbishing an existing fireplace), consider placing it near the window.

fireplace renovation2

fireplace renovation


Accent/Frame Light
To maintain brightness throughout the day, try adding more lights to highlight the fireplace when the sun goes down. Adding lights to enhance or highlight the fireplace is a reasonable new trend like ours! There are many ways to get this look, but it helps to highlight the fireplace as well as the fireplace. Try to include a brand new pot light or spotlight in the feature/emphasis light theme, or include a concealed LED strip outside the heating system to get a beautiful light stand and ultra-modern feel.

Best stove style of the year!
Here are some of the most elegant and stylish fireplaces provided by Rule:

Modern linear fireplace place
Urban contemporary natural gas fireplace place series
Traditional square
Regent Grandview G800E
Fireplace place plug-in
Liberty LRI4E gas fireplace plug-in
Integrated fireplace
Rules restrict U1500E gas
Fireplace Are you all ready to start improving the fireplace?
We do not recommend that you renovate or add a fireplace yourself. Adding/renovating a fireplace includes some guidelines and safety and security issues!


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